Recommendations - read here what some of the clients say

  •  It is made to feel easy + do-able rather than too challenging, which is very encouraging. It suits me perfectly!
  • It is varied, explained well, detail given to each individual - an excellent class. I have been in the class since it started & enjoyed every week. It's challenging, interesting, varied and fun. Alison is a great teacher, very caring and gives individual attention. I feel very safe with her and can see big improvements in myself.
  • I value the explanations of the way the body works and the benefits of different exercises. I have enjoyed these classes and am quite certain they not only lift my spirits but have improved my health and well-being - Thanks, Alison!
  • As well as giving general workouts, Alison tailors exercises to improve a particular weakness or problem. The fact that Alison is a trained physio gives me confidence that the exercises will not cause damage even hough they stretch and strain. Also, her training enables her to explain why and how a particular exercise is good for a particular part of the body.
  • Individual and personal. Caters very much for our individual needs. I have complete and utter trust and faith in Alison. She utilises her qualifications in physiotherapy to gear her Pilates exercises to our need to improve our weak areas. She has given me so much more confidence than I ever had. This is the best exercise class I have ever attended.